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B&G International is proud to be a World Leader In Packaging Innovation and Sustainability. Our factories are fully audited, inspected and in full compliance with major retailers such as Walmart and GAP. We are proud to be a pioneer in recyclable plastic.

Factory Compliance Includes:

Social Compliance

  • Employee training programs
  • Documented labor practices
  • Monitored overtime
  • No Child Labor

Employee Safety Compliance

  • Complete Fire Safety program
  • Employee safety committees
  • Employee safety training

Material Safety Compliance

  • REDUCTION in toxins initiative
  • Full Certificate of Material
  • Compliance Documentation


B&G incorporates a “REDUCE, REUSE, and RECYCLE” policy to ensure a reduction in our carbon footprint.  We streamline production waste to create an environmentally responsible process. Recyclable material sorting is done at the factory level. B&G materials can be incorporated into any In-Store recycling program.