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Specialty Clips

The most effective way yet devised for hanging a multitude of
accessories. The most difficult items to display are miscellaneous
accessories items: gloves, hats, mufflers, leg warmers, chalais,
sarongs, sashes, head wraps, etc. These accessories have
become an important part of your profit picture. Displaying them
properly can have a significant impact on the dollar amount you
sell. Putting them in bins and baskets often creates housekeeping
nightmares as customers handle and select merchandise.

Our 10D Swivelclip has extraordinary clamping power holds even the
heaviest weights easily, yet the soft inside contours of the clip allow
you to hang the most delicate materials without a problem. In addition,
Swivelclip’s diminutive profile doesn’t detract from your visual
presentation. Please click on the link below to download a PDF to learn
more about swivelclips.



Now it's a snap to hang a tie, handkerchief, scarf, gloves or a waist wrap.
Some accessory items are difficult to hang. A tie and handkerchief
combination has always been a problem. Many large scarves, challis,
gloves and other bulky accessories also fit into this category.

Our 10A Snaphanger helps create a professional presentation on racks
where your customers can see and touch the merchandise. It holds
securely by use of a double snap and special soft teeth on the inside of
the hanger that won't mark your merchandise. In addition, Snaphanger
provides a display tab that allows you to imprint logos, sizes or other
important information.

If you have a special application and you do not see a hanger for it,
you should contact us to discuss your product. Please click on the link
below to download a PDF to learn more about snaphangers.





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