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Scarf & Muffler Hangers

These versatile hangers have been used for a variety of applications:
ladies sash belts, scarves, stretch belts, headwraps, socks, tights,
mufflers, as well as wallets with velcro closures and neckwear.

We give you a number of options to selecting the hangers best
suited to display your particular merchandise. This catagory
is extremely broad, so we are always designing new hangers.

If you have a special application and you do not see a hanger for it,
you should contact us to discuss your product.

Because our molds are modular you can use your custom logo
with these hangers.

Please click on the link below to download a PDF to learn more
about the series of Scarf & Muffler hangers B&G has to offer.

Contact us for samples

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