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B&G Statement

B&G International is a leading plastics, print, and packaging company. Our innovative design & production has created a broad range of accessory packaging solutions. In addition, we design, engineer and produce loss prevention solutions that have had a positive impact at the point of sale. B&G also provides ticketing and RFID labels for large retail programs. We continue to partner with major retailers and their vendors to develop hangers, tags & labels, folding and set-up boxes. Our carefully thought out loss prevention and packaging product solutions are effective at giving our customers a competitive edge in the marketplace. Our approach is comprehensive. We blend top quality production and engineering in our New Jersey, China, India, Vietnam and Mexico facilities with designs that can have a dramatic impact on your merchandising presentation. Our business rests on our reputation for overcoming obstacles and on our dependability in delivering projects on time. This, combined with a dedication to detail enables B&G to provide the best possible service to our customers.